Vision & Mission

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VISION : Commitment to create and develop Chokchai Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd to be a company to produce and sell modern agricultural machinery. By working in a lively company Full of power And creativity To meet the needs of customers sustainable


1. Inspirational PEOPLE
Develop and improve the organization to be a modern organization Well-being And create happiness, develop personnel in terms of knowledge and leadership Is a person who is ready to receive changes and participate in the design of the drive And develop the company to develop themselves and the organization to become a leading company of agricultural machinery, adhere to and follow the policy to create customer satisfaction under the slogan “You are satisfied, we are proud”

2. Innovational PROCESS
Create sustainable growth and profits By creating products and services that add value to customers Through work processes with international quality standards And streamlined work processes, bringing modern IT systems to develop systems and methods to work accurately, accurately and quickly

3. Innovational PRODUCTS
Presenting products to be up-to-date With cutting-edge technology and innovation in the process design Strong, durable, pay attention to every detail Including providing services that are accurate and fast to create the highest impression for customers

4. Inspirational COMMUNICATION
Develop inspiring communication Both inside and outside the organization By communicating creatively And create the power to develop the database system to be up-to-date, accurate, fast, and most current To respond to customers And various departments in the organization in a timely manner, developing and responding to information Is fast, smooth, timely

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